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What’s in a Name – Taking his surname

What’s in a Name – Taking his surname

What’s in a name? Well, your identity, for starters — you’ve spent your whole life “making a name for yourself.” That’s why changing your name after marriage isn’t necessarily easy. The good news is that brides today have many options.

Can’t let go? Keeping your own name means you’ll avoid the hassle of alerting everyone you know to the change. On the flip side, dealing with traditional in-laws who don’t understand your reluctance to take their name won’t be so simple.

Taking your husband’s name is the most traditional option. Be prepared to receive twice as much junk mail — mailing lists won’t know you’re the same person. But everyone else will figure it out, and you’ll avoid confusion when you have kids.

You could use your husband’s name legally and socially but continue to use your own for business purposes; alternatively, you could keep your own name legally and professionally but use his in social situations.

Or you could decided to keep both names and hyphenate them. If both names work well together, then this could be an option. It gets trickier if the names don’ work together or they have already been hyphenated; this then gets a bit much.

Interestingly, & something we had not thought of before came to us from one of our subscribers. She said “The basic vibration of a person is through their birth name and the role this enables them to play in the game of life. The date of birth is equally important. However, the name is, usually unique and, as such, has a vibration which is unique.”

Numerologists believe they can show why or why not someone should change their name.  Some of us would be very skeptical about numerology, but for others it may be a very interesting exercise. To find out what your name means to you from a numerologists perspective