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Engagement Photos

Not everyone is born photogenic and totally comfortable with posing in front of a camera. It can be awkward, we’ll be the first to admit. You’ll be thinking, “Where do I do with my hands?” “Does my smile look awkward?” “Do the two of us look natural, or does it look like picture day?” These kinds of questions will be addresses & answered well before the wedding day arrives if you schedule an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer.

Even if you’re 100% comfortable being the center of attention, an engagement session is great way to figure out which couple poses work best for the two of you, which angles are most flattering, and so much more. Believe it or not, even seasoned professional models still practice posing for the camera.

They’re a Great Way to Get to Know Your Photographer

An engagement session will give you a chance to really get to know and get comfortable working with your wedding photographer. It’ll give him/her the chance to discover what’s important to you guys as a couple, to get to know your personalities, and to learn how to make you both comfortable. This is precisely the reason so many photographers include engagement sessions in their packages!

If you and your photographer just don’t click, it’s important to discover it now and not on the wedding day. The truth is, if you and your photographer aren’t jiving, it’ll be obvious in the photos.

Use It as a Trial Run

Besides using the engagement session to practice posing & what not, also try to schedule your hair & makeup trial in the morning before the session. That way, you’ll be able to find out how your ‘do & makeup holds up & what it will look like in photographs.

They’re a Whole Lot of Fun!

Your engagement session is a chance for you and your fiancée to bond even more while learning how to get photographed together. Plus, it’s just plain old fun being together in some of your favorite places before all the hectic wedding planning gets underway.

With an engagement session, you can be a lot more silly & a lot more creative than the wedding day often permits, so take advantage of it!

They’re Wonderful Mementos

Most of all, your engagement photos will be a precious memento. While of course you’ll have your formal wedding portraits when you’re dressed to the nines, it’ll be so wonderful to be able to pull out professionally photographed images of the two of you in more casual wear during this oh-so exciting time in your life. After all, how many professional photo shoots are you really going to have together in your life? If you’re like most people, the answer is not many.

Your engagement is a fleetingly short period of time in your love story with your partner, so having photos you can return to for trips down memory lane are truly priceless, both for you & for future generations.